Children’s Eyecare


School screenings are essential but they aren’t a substitute
for a comprehensive eye exam, testing ocular health and total vision.

Children require specialized care and knowledgeable assistance.

They have unique needs and their prescription is critical for proper visual development.

The frame must be seen on the child’s face to be certain the fit is correct and the finished lenses will be placed properly in front of the child’s eyes.

This is why glasses cannot be purchased from a catalog or over the internet.

Each child is custom fitted and taught to wear and care for the new eyeware.

Their facial features may still be developing and would be altered by glasses that do not fit properly.

Poorly fitting glasses cannot be worn.

The glasses must be durable, safe, attractive, fit correctly and be comfortable.

We will guide you and your child through the entire selection process so the experience is pleasant, easy, and informative.